Anyone wanna game on the Wii U?

For the few people who actually owns a Wii U, anyone wants to play Mario Kart 8, Smash Brothers, ect. I’m off duty for two days and I haven’t touch my Wii U in days, so perfect time I suppose. If you’re intrested post here, or add my Wii Id: CouncilWolf.

I would if I had one, but I only have a Wii first gen, that is not even mine haha. I played Mario Kart before and it is so fun with multiple people, again I wish I had it, I would definitely play if I did.

Bit off topic but I’ve been looking at getting a Wii U for a while now.

Is it worth it and are the games good?

The games are great, just not as many 3rd party games. Also not many games have online capability. As to say if it’s worth it, only buy if you have some extra cash on the side. The Wii U won the games of 2014 and its a blast to play with friends.

Yeah, I love Mario Kart. Mario Kart 8 is even more fun and chaos. I always try to find tournaments on Twitch and try to take 1st place.

I might buy it with Mario Kart just for fun and something to do.