Anyone who's getting the horizon is offline, post here

Don’t say oh you lied, it didn’t work, because I’m just trying anything at the moment. Alright this may or may not work. I’m trying every angle to find a solution or a temporary one. First download this: it will go through a bunch of ****. after that run the program. It will open a broswer and assign you an ip. My theory behind this is that you will be going of another ip address that may work with horizon. Again this may or may not work. If it does then it’s only a temporary solution untill the devs fix the stuff with the server. While you are connect to the hotspot thing, you will not be able to go to because it will say your ip is banned. Simply run hotspot shield again and click disconnect and you will be back on xboxmb. Again it may or may not work and if it does it’s only a temporary solution.

Also try restarting/resetting your router.

This, or you can unplug your router for 30-60 seconds if you are on a Dynamic ip and it will give you a new ip.

That too. Like I said, I’m trying every angle.

I see no one has bothered to even try this. Yet you are all trying the same damn things and it’s obvioulsy not working. Everyone try to do this.

Also for home users you can also try these commands. It’s similar to a dnsflush but it will flush all cache not just dns. Just type the commands in Bold:

rem flush the arp cache
arp -d *

rem flush the netbios cache
nbtstat -R

rem flush the dns cache
ipconfig /flushdns

rem re-registers with wins
nbtstat -RR

rem re-registers with dns
ipconfig /registerdns

unpluging your router works most of the time but it happens to me and my friends alot soooo this works to enything that helps us mod

I tried this and then I couldn’t get to the xboxmb site unless I’m behind a proxy.

Flush DNS is a possible fix. Renewing IP shouldn’t do a whole lot, But could be helpful.

Ok, I have tried everything in the book of knowledge to get horizon to work for that past month. I just tried what that OP stated and it worked like a charm. Sure I may not be able to access the website, but at least get to use Horizon though…LOL. Plus on top of that it is really quick to enable and disable it if need be. All I do though is enable it and once Horizon starts up, I just disable Hotspot Shield and it keeps me logged into Horizon. Hope this feedback helps others as well.

Thank you for actually trying it. You’re the first one who tried it and it worked so hopefully more people will try it.

Mine started up fine, Without a fix. Obviously a Random thing? Random users?

Yes, it plays up on random users.

Any known or found patern at all? Does it seem to be diamond or free users, something like that. Im no pro, but just thinking to myself what sort of error this could be.

And did it start after the server switch the other day?

No it’s just the connection between some users and the servers. For example, I could get on here fine for the past couple day, then all of the sudden 404 error and was in offline mode. Then I fixed it. It’s totally random.

Hmm. Maybe the server Bandwidth or connection is a problem. Who knows. As i said, im no pro, but hosting 2 remote servers and owning one myself, things like this tend to be a connection problem.

Hopefully getting my Quad core 2.53 Ghz 16GB ram 2TB Sotrage server soon :smile: Dell Poweredge T110

Well, I know my troubles began when Horizon started updating. I couldn’t connect what so ever and then some times it would connect just fine. Cheater912 told another user, which in turn told me, that there was a possible bug where some users may go into offline mode and won’t be able to come out of it, but then again, they some times could. He was trying to figure out where the bug made it’s home, so I am figuring that he hasn’t yet. But using the Hotspot Shield as a temp fix does work wonders. I think they should put this in the sticky section as a quick, temp fix to the bug until it can be truly sorted out. At least then, users would know something instead of creating 100’s of posts relating to this. I was thinking about using something like HSS, but right now my mind is on other things seeing how I am in Afghan land for the next 9 months. So great job Ash!!

Glad you got it working.

I also had the same problem, I have just tried it and works a treat! :smile:

That’s 2 for 2. I’m thinking this is a good temporary fix.

EDIT: Make that 3 for 3

3 for 4. Nothing in this thread, or any other I’ve seen so far has worked for me. Thanks for the suggestion though.