ApocZ Save Editor [0.0.4] [AFTER PATCH] [+Source]

ApocZ - Save Editor
Version: 0.0.4

What can this editor do?
Edit Inventory
Edit Tents
Edit Player Data (blood level, food level, water…ect…)

How To Use it

Open Me


Photos of editor

[details=Open Me]

Download The Editor (0.0.4)
Main Download (MediaFire)
[.rar"]Source (C#)](http://www.mediafire.com/download/aecab44oziy2273/ApocZ_Tools_[Source_C#)

Virus Scans (0.0.4 .EXE)
Virus Total
Jotti Scan

What’s new? [0.0.4]

Version 0.0.1
 - Initial Release
Version 0.0.2
 - Added Player editing
 R1: Fixed a small inventory GUI bug
Version 0.0.3
 - Added Player Coordinates Editor
 - Fixed Small Bugs
 - Added Tent Editor
Version 0.0.4
 - Worked around latest ApocZ encryption patch.

it doesnt transfer to my xbox HELP

Great Job on this but it seems the most recent update to ApocZ has reset all player data and has added some extra encryption now.

Yea, will be updating toolset this weekend.

They’re worried about this but don’t fix all the bugs?

I’ll probably use it. I mean, I bought the game (only $1, but still) and it’s just buggy as all hell. Can’t even play really.

This is exactly what myself and some friends were talking about. They should be more worried about the bugs that plague the game and the quality of the overall player experience.

If you need a 1.1 save just let me know.

I’d love to see this updated with the new patch.

Tool has been updated for newest ApocZ patch. Old saves won’t work with the new save editor. Updating post now.

I can’t seem to get this to work. I add something in the editor and then I get on the game and it’s not there.

i keep getting unhandled expectation and idk why please help i just want to mod my inventory but it only lets me mod my status file if someone knows why please help

I recommend sending him a message with your save so he can possibly investigate the situation.

Edit: Anyway I would like to report that since the latest update to this editor everything is working again aside from the in game check that resets values that aren’t normal.

Re Edit: It seems both inventory and tents don’t work correctly for some reason. IE you mod things on editors but items don’t show up on game.

do the tents work ?

Hi great job but when i join a game i keep bleeding and my blood is at 1? reasons please

im new to horizon can someone explain to me how this works?..I get how to plug my usb drive in and do all the modding but what do I do after it? how do I know if its patched


I keep getting an error where it’s not accepting my save, I use my inventory save and it gives me an error.

it says invalid header?

This is currently patched and would need to be updated to fit the new save structure. It seems they one again added more encryption and added more limits to what can be modified.

I don’t plan on updating the tool anytime soon, sorry. Just been working on GTAV XSC stuff too much. May look back at this some time in the future.

Nooooo Just Downloaded this 3 mins ago !!! lol great work