[App] Fable III checkusmsave.bin fixer

Credits goes to feudalnate who figured out how to calculate the checksum and Kals9 for testing.

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Extract all of the files from the package into one folder, hit the fix button, choose the folder, and hit ok.

Application: http://www.mojobojo.net/Downloads/checksumsavefixer.rar
Source Code: http://www.mojobojo.net/Downloads/checksumsavefixer_src.rar

Sexiest program ever.

Thanks for this. I was waiting for someone to make one of these <3

nice program. now all we need is a fable 3 mod tool :smile:

So many buttons! its so confusing!

has anyone modded the seas at the begining of the game yet?

Does the link not work?

The data center tried to “fix” our box, and we lost everything. Everything is being brought back up.

That’s why you don’t trust data centers, and use your own team! :smile:

When will it be back up?

Here is a temporary link.

MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

Someone mind uploading the file to a site other than megaupload? It never wants to work for me. Always says Temporarily Unavailable 24/7


Well I did manage to finally download it.

This is my question.
Do you extract checksumsave.bin first and then navigate the fixer to that specific file, or do you just navigate to Hero000 etc.

sweet! thanks man.

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