App loads to black screen on phone

Worked fine for the longest but now when I load the app on my phone it just goes to a black screen. Help…

Hello friend and welcome to the community! :smiley:

Which app are you referring to - the desktop/PC software or the remote for mobile devices?

Either way, have you deleted and re-installed it? :slight_smile:

For mobile (that’s what I ment by phone) and yes I have reinstalled and also re-paired my mobile as well. The Mobile is connecting but just goes to a black screen.

Mobile is doing the same not loading. Reinstalled and still doesn’t worked. Stuck on connecting…

Please provide us with the following information so that we may better assist you.

  • Which devices and operating systems are your Remote apps running on?
  • Do both devices have a VPN connection?
  • Is there a Hotspot connection in use?

Also, have you tried restarting both of your devices and connecting to from any browser. Try this if you haven’t already.