App Version/Build number

Wouldn’t it be helpful if the app build/version number was displayed somewhere in the UI so we knew if we were up to date with the latest release or not. I know the program is suppose to auto update but on the off chance that it doesn’t for some reason wouldn’t it be helpful being able to check before posting a problem.


If you aren’t sure if it updated you can just run the installer again but it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to add under the settings tab.

+1. I can agree on this feature being implemented. Sounds like a good idea.

Also, it would be nice to give the end user, sort of a Warning pop-up message, if suppose a NEW update is available for download, whenever the user starts INFINITY by clicking on the desktop’s shortcut, or otherwise.

This is assuming the use is still using an older version of this APP. Just my thoughts. :slight_smile:

We’re definitely going to add this. Thanks!


That’s a terrible advice (i know you deleted it, i hope you aren’t stuck to old version cause of this). We are pushing fixes with each update.

If you mean v1 to v2 then no comment :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean i haven’t updated and it doesn’t work but not gonna until it gets fixed lol

If you haven’t updated and it doesn’t work then why not update and have 99% of stuff work? There is only a small amount of issues we still have to get worked out.

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The latest update includes a little icon that appears near the minimize button when an update is being downloaded or is ready to install :thumbsup: