App Window not opening

scenario: wemod window won’t show up when launching.

  • shift+rightclick on taskbar-icon is not doing anything, no menu opening up (on other icons it’s working as intended)
  • Alt+Tab shows the wemod window. when focussing it, WIN+Left/Right/Up/Down is not doing anything (other apps: working as intended)
  • when hovering over taskbar icon and then over the app preview icon there is a small shadow square visible in the bottom right hand corner of the screen
  • Reinstalled: no change
  • Reboot: no change
  • bitdefender: no new messages, exceptions set up and working for months
  • last successful run: yesterday
  • latest Windows update: 14 d back
  • working on a 49" screen, regularly switching between video sources.

any hints?
thanks a lot and all the best

Merged Post:

  • have you tried uninstalling first, then reinstalling?
  • no, letme… oh yeah, it’s working now! thanks! i feel like an idiot, not thinking of it myself, hahaha.
  • don’t worry about it - i once made a thread like this and actually responded to it solving it… that was awkward…

Hello there.

Thanks for being Pro, first of all. It helps with the development of WeMod a lot, we appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Glad you managed to get this resolved. However, reinstalling probably wasn’t necessary.
If you switch between screens sometimes then it is possible the window got stuck between them somewhere. This is the accepted fix for it: WeMod opens on a non-existing display.

Have a great day and enjoy WeMod with your games. :slight_smile: