Apparently black ops 2 servers go online at release day

Which is stupid, someone on 360iso ssaid it had been confirmed.

But are the black ops servers still down from sandy?

They are down. Just checked.

I kinda like that, being someone that wont get the game early that makes it a level playing field come launch day.

Not really, if there is bugs in the system everyone will be ****ed come launch day.

And do you thinkk BOPS2 has the same servers as BOPS?

No head starts for anyone this time lol.

Im sure they will be up a few days before… They have to be.

IGN is doing a live multiplayer stream on Friday so they should go up Friday morning

EDIT: Appears it is Thursday so even better for us!

Why wouldn’t they be on when it’s released?

They usually go live a week before to iron out the bugs. My guess was 6pm for me today.
They will definitely be up before release though, as previously stated, fanboys are doing a live stream with Treyarch.

I saw a tweet from Vanderhaar on that said the “race to prestige” would begin when the game officially released, no sooner. Maybe that’s why. But then again, getting the game at the midnight release and not being able to play multiplayer? A collective “WHAT THE ****?!” will ring out across the nation, lol.

:frowning: i was hoping to get atleast one prestige in before release

They are getting opened Thursday, but i heard through someone i know at gamestation that all multiplayer stats will be reset on launch day for anyone who plays early.
I have yet to find proof to confirm this tho.

They’ve said since Modern Warfare 2 the stats were going to get reset. Lol.
Haven’t delivered yet.

With black ops and mw3 they were only up like 36 hours early.

Hopefully they’ll never go up.

How dare you say that :stuck_out_tongue:

i was playing MW3 a week and a half before release.

Black ops servers were up atleast a week or almost a week early. I remember playing it lol

That’s what they need to do. It’s fine to let people play early, it helps iron out the game before release day.

All they have to do is reset everyone who did play early. There is no harm in that.

I just want to play zombies with some mates.

So whatt is the verdict when it will be online?