AppleTV? Worth the purchase?

AppleTV? Is it worth the purchase? I currently have a Samsung BluRay player, but it isn’t cutting it.


  • Does it have anti piracy? The BluRay player I have now mutes the audio on some movies when I stream them from my computer.

  • Does it come with anything special?

It’s really gonna have the same apps that your Bluray will have so nothing special there but if you have other Apple products or stuff in iTunes it can be nice since it can pull directly from your iTunes account.

Haven’t heard of any anti-piracy but it does direct screen mirroring through Airplay so I don’t see how it could.

I don’t know if it’s worth the $100 price tag. It really depends on what you want to get out of it.

Honestly chromecast is the way to go. Popcorntime has chromecast funtionablility now and thats all ive been using for movies.

The apple tv is cool, but I can stream literally anything to my chromecast so, I wouldnt see a need for one haha

You have to be smart with popcorn time though. They use a torrenting method and obviously their videos listed are not on there for legal viewing. So go about it how you would if you were downloading a torrent that was high profile.

9 times out of ten the torrents are linked to yify from popcorn time, and I use the built in vpn.

Get a Minux box, install Kodi/XBMC onto it, enjoy.

I have an AppleTV2 box and I hate it really it locks up a lot.

Doesn’t look bad, but it seems like too much. It’s like a whole computer and does everything don’t really need that. The amount of money for that item is almost $200 too. Might just keep reading up on some good video streamers.

I’ve been thinking about getting a chromecast from the reviews I’ve seen it has my vote so far might have to go buy one and stop thinking about buying it or not :laughing:

Honestly, I haven’t read much into the product because I, along with my friends/family, already have a way to do everything in which it does; seems to be one of those products that allows one to perform these simple functions with ease if they had no knowledge of how to perform them prior to owning this product.

(ex: Having a HDMI switch so one can swap between devices. [Go from TV to Xbox, Xbox to PC, PC to TV] even though it’d entitle one to have a PC on the same floor or in the same area unless they had a long cable)

Anyways, I actually have a friend who gifted his parents this device for Christmas a few years back so if you have any specific questions that you can’t seem to find the answer for via the web than I, I’m sure he’d feel the same, wouldn’t mind asking him/his parents. (I’d assume they use it mostly for movies and TV; pictures/AirPlay are probably out of the question.)

I have a Chromecast. I would 100% recommend it over AppleTV even though I am an Apple fanboy.

I have an appletv, chromecast, and amazon firestick. I use the Firestick more than my chromecast and appletv. All 3 have options that aren’t available on the other ones though.

I have the Amazon Fire TV and it works amazing. I added XBMC to it and i can stream my movies/tv shows from my server easily. It also handles live tv fairly well.

I have an Apple TV and it’s perfect I use it for HBO go,Netflix, and Hulu! And sometimes renting movies!

Ebay, it is $80 on Ebay and it works so smoothly, and the remote is great compared to the ATV.