Application opens games twice and crashes

Hello, so I just bought Iron Harvest on Epic Games and placed the exe file in Wemod. However, every time I open the game in Wemod the application will open the game twice. One will never load and when I click anywhere on the screen the game will say that it is not responding and will crash and the other will run fine but the cheats won’t work at all. It seems like the game that won’t load is the Wemod version and the one that does load is the unmodded version.
Please help as I would like to play with the cheats on.

Welcome back to the community. :slight_smile:

Sometimes with Epic Games, the .exe launches the Epic Launcher first and then the game. So in this case pressing Play in WeMod launches Epic Launcher instead of the game, and the Epic Launcher launches the game - but WeMod is by then already already hooked to the first (wrong) instance.

Try launching the game first. Then when on the main menu alt+tab to WeMod to press Play. :slight_smile:

ok, I’ll do that and see if it works. Thanks for the reply!

Yup, that seemed to do it!!
Thanks again for the help @Ravenfyre

Love this community :metal:t3:

Most welcome. Glad that worked.

Enjoy the game with WeMod and always feel free to pop back into the community. Even if it’s to grab a free game from the deals section. :slight_smile: