Are "Advanced Gameboards" worth buying?

Been looking at getting one of these, or something similar…

I wanted to know if anyone has used one and if it’s worth the purchase. Any Pros or Cons?

Hey Troy, i have a friend that have something similar. Not sure if its the same version.

Anyway he is just talking good things about it, so i dont have any cons for you.
But the pros is of course you can program it to your liking and fit your playstyle.
I bet if i would have asked him he would say its worth to buy, but i dont know any cons for you to help you decide, if there are any.

I checked out some reviewes earlier and those are very decent. However in Norway it cost 999 Nok about 112 USD atm, so maybe think about if you are very into customizing your keys, i believe it would fit you.
If your not too much into it, then its better to get a keyboard with just some customizable buttons.

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Is that the new razor death glove? It reminds me of Nintendo’s power glove.

It’s Logitech G13

Yeah thats what i thought, but im not sure what my firend have.
I havent been follwing up on that type of tech so i dont know what he own.

But i believe its the same as the one you posted here :slight_smile:
Look like it at least after what i can recall.

Travis has a razer orb weaver(I think) and basically refuses to use a keyboard while gaming. I personally don’t see the advantage of it. I’ve used a normal keyboard now for 13 years of gaming and have no plans to switch to anything else.

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I’m not looking to seek any advantage, I was wondering if I would prefer using an anologue stick instead of W, A, S, and D on a keyboard for game movement.

I don’t see gaining anything from a stick. It is all personal preference but after you use a normal keyboard long enough it become a lot more comfortable. I do play certain games with an xbox one controller though as they are over complicated when you start using a keyboard.