Are all FLiNG trainers going to be added soon? [Marvel: Avengers]

Im a proud WeMod supporter as well as a very long time follower of FLiNG;

My question is, im currently playing Marvel Avengers on STEAM and im using a FLiNG trainer for it that works perfectly. I looked for the trainer on the WeMod app but it says it doesn’t support the game, any reason why and will we be seeing some of these integrated into WeMod?

The standalone trainer itself has an advertisement for WeMod at the bottom so Im just asking, why not consolidate.

Reference: Marvel's Avengers Trainer - FLiNG Trainer - PC Game Cheats and Mods

Thanks for your time and thanks for these amazing utilities.

There are no plans to have Fling add older trainers to WeMod. Due to the game’s TOS and microtransactions, we will not host any Marvel Avenger trainers.

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