Are Astro A50's worth getting?

I have Turtle Beach x12’s but I really want wireless headset. So are they worth it? I will be using it for games and tv.

I have to have the best of things. That’s why I don’t want cheap wireless headsets.

they have great quality but the price is to high so i say no

I got a a40s and i love them jay said to get them and i did its wroth the money to me.

A50s aren’t completely wireless on the 360, they still have to be plugged into the controller. Astros are well worth the buy /discussion.

They are pretty good, although sometimes you hear quite a lot of interference from other wireless devices.*

If you want to stop people from creeping up behind you on games then I’d recommend them to you for sure.

*Might just be me, as half of my room is wireless.

The price isn’t a problem. I just want to know if they are as good as people say

Of course they are. There is numerous threads discussing this topic.

Would search but I’m on my phone and the search feature doesn’t work.

I will more than likely buy them. Expect a giveaway soon for my Turtle Beaches

I actually did a review on my pair of Astro A50s.

Hell no they aren’t. Wired>Wireless

Astro are crap compared to a nice headset though


This. Wireless headsets are cool, but
a) Wireless Headsets suck up power from batteries like no tomorrow
b) Any wireless signal interferes with the audio signal and causes static.

I got some new X14’s for $40 tho, so I can’t really complain.

Go get the A40’s and you will like them. The fact that you can also use the A40’S for PS3 & PC also is a huge bonus. Also the headset is break away so if the wire gets messed up you can replace it without having to buy a whole new headset. :3

Don’t have a ps3 or a pc. Only a laptop. They look cool and I really want them. I may purchase them next week

If you guna get a pair of Astros get the wired ones(a40) . Remember Wireless should be seen as convenience where it wouldn’t be really as convenient to use wires. But to answer your question. Out of all the gaming headsets which are made. Astros are the best. But they are not better than some good headphones with just a standard separate mic.

Same shiz in my opinon and yes they do work on laptops as well. Great things about the Astro Mixamp is the fact that you can update the drivers inside of it, I recommend doing this the first time you get them by the way. If you do get them do not use your Xbox 360 as a power source, It’s far too unreliable because of a rare bug that occurs with the 2013 Mixamp causing itself to crash and needed to be restarted. I highly recommend you get a USB adapter so you can plug into your wall and avoid this said bug.

Extremely overpriced. I refuse to buy a headset that plugs into the controller because that connecter wire always goes bad no matter how much you take care if your stuff.

Always get a wired headset. You don’t realize how many batteries you burn through with wireless headsets.

chris is a loser, he think he knows everything

I like the Astros a40 or a50 are good