Are CHEAT idea requests not allowed?

in at least two game’s trainer pages i left cheat requests but never got any sort of response. if i have more ideas, should i not even bother requesting them? because i do

You can make cheat suggestions but there is no guarantee they will be added. We have to take into consideration the popularity of the game and how long it has been since the last update.

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understandable, i just wish i’d get a response about yea/nay on the page. Dying Light is very popular still

Updates happen all the time for dying light.
But I doubt any thing new will be added to it.
Sorry but it is kinda old even tho they update the hell outta the game still which is good for us game players !
Some one else asked about the grappling hook long time ago and I dont think reppin was able to do it.

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Sometimes some things that people suggest just aren’t possible to do with a trainer in certain games. The trainer creators here are awesome but they’re not Neo from The Matrix. They’re limited by what the game allows them to create cheats for.

Aside from that I’d imagine from time to time there are occasional cheats that are possible to add to a trainer but would otherwise cause the game to become unplayable or extremely buggy, hence won’t be added.

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