Are their other programs like HorizonMB?

for some reason whenever i try n’ install horizon. the installer just exits. a solution would be appreciated. But another program similar to horizon that also supports FIFA14 would be better

Try re-downloading the most recent version, allowing Horizon on your firewall and also just look up a mod tool for FIFA14. Guarantee you there isn’t one because most of those games your stuff is stored online instead of a save but you might find one.

Maybe Xbox360 Tools, idk

Try running as admin.

What exactly are you trying to mod on fifa 14??
The horizon fifa 14 editor is for offline “be a pro” only,

if you want try downloading Horizon from Here

You most likely need to unblock it. Right click on the setup installer, click on properties, look for the Unblock button near the bottom and click it, now click Apply and then Ok. It should now install properly.

If you still have issues delete the installer and re-download Horizon from Here. You might still need to unblock it before installing.