Are there restrictions of forms of rules who is allowed to post a trainer?

i just want to be sure that when i use wemod i dont get downloaded a trainer that is a trojan.
if the trainer and the op has to follow rules or/and has to fulfill some kind of security… idk.
Just want to have my trainers legit.

WeMod is not open source and there are only 3 or 4 people who are currently able to add trainers to WeMod all of which are employed by WeMod.

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Well you dont fully answered my question. Are there any rules for a trainer? Do you make a viruscan or smth to be sure the provided trainer is not a malware?
Or ist that a secret you keep for yourself?

There is no way for us to run a virus scan. The trainer creators basically submit a text file which WeMod automatically converts to usable code.

Its 100 % safe thousands of us use wemod every day it’s just the way trainers are to be flagged by antivirus it’s the way they inject code.
Any trainer you download will usually be flagged by AV
Wemod is a legit company that is for sure not going to send viruses in there trainers