Are You a Horizon Pro?

Do you have immense knowledge of Horizon’s features and capabilities? Are you experienced with Xbox 360 soft-modding? Does your mentality towards things tend to be helpful and supportive? Would others consider you to be an easy to talk to person? Can you speak proper English plus use correct punctuation and grammar?

Then either you are a Horizon Pro, or you should be.

Horizon Pro is a new usergroup that we are implementing to allow people who fit that criteria and want to help out the site in a more meaningful way, but just not as a full forum moderator. It’s for the Horizon fanatics, for all of you that couldn’t care less if we got rid of everything else on the site except Horizon.

What are the responsibilities?

  • Fully and accurately responding to Horizon Support and Bug Report threads.
  • Participating and giving insight maturely on Horizon Suggestions/Feeback.
  • Keeping track of what issues you find most prominent and reporting back to Developers.

What are the perks?

  • Take part in Horizon Beta Testing.
  • Receive full Diamond membership.
  • Gain limited sectional moderator privileges.
  • Acquire a sexy new badge and username color.
  • Larger avatar size!

So what now?

This is just to let you know that we will be looking for people to fill these positions. There will be no applications and we will not take requests to be a Horizon Pro. Do not go all crazy all of a sudden because of this, we are looking for members who are dedicated.

You already know I am.
I’ve done quite a bit for Horizon as far as helping others goes.

Can’t wait to see who gets it :smiley:

I love the new group, always getting new ideas, keeping it fresh :smiley:

indeed that badge does look sexy lol

Im ready for this cant wait to get active in the Horizon forums

Looks good, can’t wait to see how this goes.

This is a great addition to the site, can’t wait to see the Horizon Pros :smile:.

Now this is more of the lines of what i wanted to see on the site.

Good god. Now everyone is coming out of the woodworks mass posting/bumping. Doing so will not get you the badge…

But im curious to see who gets it

haha the mature part might disqualify a few :wink:

Great addition to the site and congrats to all who gain it

Nice, it’s a great addition. But hopefully people will try to give the best help, not just say “RECOVER PROFILE” when people are trying to mod a gamesave.

This is a great idea. I believe my knowledge of Horizon is to a great extent, wink wink

Hope all goes well for whoever gets these positions!

Seems interesting, I look forward to see the ramifications.

this was a great idea :smiley:

Oh man. This should be good c:
I wanna see who gets it.

ummm I know Horizon is a Barbie Video game making program right?


No, I am very excited for this badge I don’t know A LOT about the program but I am experienced in modding.

Sweet. Maybe all my hard work with testing TDu2 Mod tool the other day will pay off.

Hmm, a few days after i made a horizon pro badge,… sus.:stuck_out_tongue:

Top Left, Second in

This is cool how many pros will be selected?

*** 300 posts!!! ***

zrueda, is this pretty much beta tester for the public builds? Because they pretty much do what we do but for pubic and also add that they help people out with bugs.