ARK: Survival Evolved Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Nope for offline singleplayer only. No trainers here are made to use online

Sucks there is no windows support.

Hello every time i open the ark cheat it says it was made for the 64 bit version of the game even though im sure i have the 64 version of the game my computer also runs in 64 bits

You need to launch the game through steam with battleye disabled.


How can this be done?

Hello i have problem with : We’re having trouble loading the cheats into your game. Try restarting the game, or pressing Help for more info. what do now?

Make sure you have started the game without battleye.

How do you start the game without battleye?

Launch the game from steam and should be an option to disable battleeye

Trying to use WeMod on a Private Ark Server. It’s not working. Is this because of recent Ark Patches that have gone through?

Did you disable battleeye?

Yes I did. No Battle-Eye, password protected.

I still don’t have WeMod Working properly on the server.

This will only work on local games.

That is a bummer, even if we paid for a private server already?

Yes, that isn’t a WeMod limitation that is a limitation of having a sever.

how it kepp error

Is this trainer up to date? Can someone test all the trainers in a local game and report the specific ones that does not work in detail on this form and in the wemod trainer application?

Tested them all, all are working.

To start te trainer, run the game from steam with BattleEye disabled. When the game is started, press ‘PLAY’ in WeMod.