ARK: Survival Evolved Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Please update to make it work with the battle eye active.

Not happening. You do realise what BattlEye does, right?

Battleeye is an anti cheat, so I’m saying if you can update the mod to ignore the battle eye so we can use the mod online, ark survival evolved is the game that has the most positivity and players I even have several colleagues who would buy Wemod to use no ark.

WeMod is not designed for multiplayer/online in the first place.

having just finished ark the island for the first time . i enjoyed the added benefit from wemod

i noticed when i fought the overseer i was running infinite health and died . not sure why but it would seem infinite health may be bugged a little . this was on a single player private server game. thanks for the work you have done .

hi when i want to start game it says cant launch game bc i use 64bit version but i need 32bit donno how to change it or where 32bit version is any fixes?

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hi is it a bug or something about the wemod cuz whenever i ride my dinos the health of it drop down to 0.1

Seems to be only whenever One Hit Kill is activated, after that the health of the dino will regen just fine.

All WeMod trainers are not designed for multiplayer use.

We can’t help you with this.

I can’t get it to work even with Battle Eye off . Am I launching the game wrong?

Just from this, that snarky side of me would say “yes you are launching the game wrong” but more information would help narrow down the problem
Launching through steam?
Playing a solo or multiplayer game?
If multiplayer, are you hosting the game, or is someone else (or on a server) – will only work on local hosted (your machine running the game), or solo games.

I’ve tried launching through both STEAM and WeMod App and I have STEAM set to play without Battleeye on. It will launch the game but will not enable cheats… Im not playing Multiplayer either…

unlimited stamina no work on my dino can someone confirm this plz

Unfortunately the trainer no longer works at all.

Strange, because it hasn’t been updated at all since your post of it not working, and yet:
Unlimited Health,
Unlimited Stamina,
No Torpor,
Unlimited Weight
were all working for me all this time (at least since I got back into playing it from September to now).

Would this be safe to use on a private server with friends?

the trainer only work if u are the host and maybe some cheat no work on coop cuz the trainer is mean to use only in singleplayer mode