ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Thanks for the great modifications!
I would like to see the “damage multiplier” changed to “the power multiplier of the player’s weapon” instead of “the damage multiplier that the enemy takes.” The reason is that the player is disadvantaged by the mission.

Some missions involve protecting allies.
This is because the current damage multiplier applies to damage suffered by the ally to be protected.

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New Cheat: Allied Mechs/Structures Take No Damage - Ally Invincibility

Some missions are darn near impossible without this, as there are missions that require you having to defend targets. One of which is extremely annoying. (Defending the Xylem tower.)

PLEASE add this. It’s not a recommendation, it’s a necessity.

My reasoning? If you’re trying to get S rank on replaying missions, the Xylem Tower basically has to take almost no shield damage. Well unfortunately for us players, there is a point where plasma snipers are sent in multiple at a time, and dealing with them is already hard enough, even with turret support. As far as the real problem? Suicide drones. Lots of them. The mission around 4 minutes in sends a massive wave of fast moving drones that ANNIHILATE the shielding on the tower. This makes gaining S rank WAY to difficult.

Please give us a cheat that codes the game to where instead of subtracting health, it adds health. Or completely negates it entirely (Makes rounds pass through) or something.

Side note: The damage multiplier affects enemies as well…

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how are you struggling, turn off damage multiplier and turn on the acs overload enemy and its a fact of tagging them 1 by 1

I’ve nothing to say to you, not everyone has the same ideas or playstyles. For the record, I’m not the only one this mission has given trouble to on a silver platter.

Not that it matters anymore, I was able to keep the shield on the Xylem tower above 50% health and got the S ranking.

But for newer players, my recommendation still stands. Games shouldn’t cause headaches, they should be enjoyable all the way through, with options that a player can fall back on if they start having issues or, more obviously, don’t want to deal with the game dev’s crap if we’re being honest.


one hit kills and infinite repair kits works great…works great for the enemy too lol. seriously enemies that can repair will do so infinitely and on escort mission, ally missions, defense mission anything with an ally for the player the allies get one shot lo is there a fix

Has anyone else had issues starting the game with wemod?
Everytime i try it would go to a black screen and crash shortly after?

This is the only game that WeMod can’t detect my pc. Anymore who might know what’s the issue there?

thought i was banned for adding some currency but servers may just be down in my region

If WeMod was unable to detect your game automatically, you can manually link the game’s exe. You can follow the support guide here for further instructions.

Hi, I wanted to ask for assistance with ac6 and everytime i start the game with wemod it would boot up and crash shortly after a black screen on startup.
I later removed the eac and changed the .exe file to start_protected game to boot in offline mode and the trainer couldn’t locate the game even after connecting it directly to the .exe file.
So i’m not sure what the problem is for it crashing upon using wemod or not finding the game whilst booting it up without the eac file.

okay ac6 now has that easy anti cheat on it for its pvp mode. the game doesn’t launch if wemod is connected to the net. it works fine for now in offline mode. i know this happened in the elden ring trainer so similar precautions may need to be taken

Hello all to new WeMod users about to use this table.

Do not launch the game in ONLINE mode while having this active. You will get banned.
FromSoft has a strict “NO CHEATS” policy when connected to online play.

If you attempt to use these cheats while online you may face a hard-ban from them which will restrict all online functionality for the game.

Remember, all WeMod cheats are never intended for ONLINE use.

I’m having the same issue. I can launch the game through WeMod, load into main menu, sortie, but as soon as I launch into a mission, black screen and crash. Tried a few mission options and changing mech, game crashes as soon as it starts loading a mission. Doesn’t happen without WeMod, but I haven’t narrowed down which cheat is causing the problem.

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I eventually found my issue being that it was an external program process lasso which helped the game run better due to some lag spikes. if you have any external program of any kind that changes the games performance try closing them before using wemod.

Not helpful trainer some chapters in the game requires to protect something like towers and enemys destroyed that towers very fast and mission fail… can’t proceed next level…is like you die and game over. Mr fling obviously didn’t finish the game… and whats the point of trainer if not cheat exist for the towers… just make a little progress and later unistal the game.

with due respect, get filtered. this trainer worked wonders for me to get through the story and through NG1,2 and 3. he worked hard on this dont go hating on it because you cant complete a protect mission.


i can’t get pass that mission that’s why im here because I CAN’T… he should add a cheat for this… THIS GAME IS A MESS starfield is a masterpiece

first this mission to protect something was on chapter 2 i guess, i pass it very hard… but this on chapter 5 was horrible can’t pass it no way what… snipers came so fast that stupid robot (your character) what ever cheat i use goes so slow, at least he should add players speed fast… but no he chose the hard way

Trainer may or may not need an update. It’s been updated twice now since release.