ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON Cheats and Trainer for Steam

The only issue I’m getting is I load game up then game crashes every time I start game same thing happens on plitch so far this game the cheats don’t work for any of my cheat engines

doesnt work with latest patch despite updated version

@Fling please update the trainer , many of the options are not working.

So it seems that using the infinite repair kits gives it to the NPC’s as well resulting in stalemates. instant weapon cooldown affects them as well.

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Game hard crashes in between mission every time with write to memory error. I can’t get to the hanger after the first mission.

the trainer makes the game reaches some kind of max writable memory right at the end of the missions causing it to crash showing a error of memory that happens to any mod that overwrites health, ammo and even energy

i was able to progress quite a while before it crash my game right before the third act of the first playthrough but only because i have more than 18 ram on my pc any number below this is sure to crash the game even early no matter how many times you try the mission it crashes at the end every single time making it impossible to use those cheats

i can only guess its linked to how the trainer works on the stats number pretty much changing the life to max every few seconds slowly but surely filling the cache of the game until it crashes not being able to support the load of a cutscene or something else + the modified health or other stat