Army of two the devils cartel modded save

this is my personal save for army of two the devils cartel
level 25
campian completed
1.9 billion cash or something around that (special thanks for idle-hands88 based on his starter save)


there is no file. just a bunch of garbled letters

thx dude

How do I use it man

replace the PROFILE_OPTIONS file in the content tab?

how do i setup horizon to read it?

How do you set horizon to not read it? Just install horizon and move a save over to a usb drive.

This is a full save. Just drag it into Horizon, change the IDs to the same as one of your own saves, use the Save, Rehash & Resign button, and then save to your device. The file that you download should look like this:

Message d’erreur comme quoi le fichier “PROFILE_OPTIONS” n’est pas pour la xbox.

english plz

Can someone help me… Anytime i try to do something, like save, rehash, and resign a new gamesave, it always says my profile is temporary and i can’t do anything… Anyone know how to fix it?

Worked perfectly :smile: just copy your own info into the profile, console and device “id” slots and “save, rehash, Resign”. email me if you want a photo showing how to do it

[EMAIL=“”] email me

message error , for what this package is not value for xbox content " PS LIVE CON "

Ce est pour la xbox.

how do you use this exactly

Doesn’t work.

Hey Mate, Cheers For The Upload Just Curious Though…
Is It Set Up So, All Kill Type/Destroy Achievements Only Require A Couple Kills Of Each Then Ding, Ding, Ding.
Eg. Bararian, Demolition Derby, Army Of TWO,Moocher Etc.
Or Just Only Rank 25 And Cash Been Changed. ?

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doesnt work says invalid package