Ascension LUNA Easter Egg Tutorial [DEATHMACHINE FOR EVERYONE]


Credit goes to knoxskate8
This is one of the longest Easter Eggs!
Death Machine last for 90 seconds![/b]



They are different videos, but explain the same thing…

Yeah, Just clicked on that. :cry:

8 Minutes for a 30 second gun?

hah, yee

Good post though! :smile:

Another voice easter egg is: In the begining when you first come down on the lunar lander, tank will say “Hey treyarc, can we get a new objective please?” Note this is the first time it has happended to me and I have played this map about 40 times…So I want to hear what the other characters have to say…

Note he says this as the lunar landers land and before the “mystery man” speaks in the begining…
This just happend to me now, on offline splitscreen so i though i might share it…