Asking a question about VR trainers

How do I use wemod in VR, eg how to set it up? I am using an oculus quest 2 and didn’t know how to set it up or even where to start please help

We dont have any trainers for VR at this time. Sorry

Be kinda cool though.

seems to be time to change to another trainer. this wemob doest add many titles. Cheat Happens supports VR.

As far as I’m aware, there is currently not enough demand in the WeMod community for VR trainers to be economically viable. WeMod makes trainers based on a democratic system, if there’s not enough democratic demand in the community, the trainers are of extremely low priority. The majority of VR games available right now are mostly exploration and interactive story types of games - I’m not too sure exactly what cheats you expect for those.

Anybody is welcome to donate six VR headsets to WeMod (three for trainer developers, two for trainer testers, one for WeMod’s lead developer) so that it’ll be possible to look into developing VR trainers. This donation would put the generous donor thousands out of pocket.