Assassins Creed 3 Boston Treasure Chests

So I purchased all of the maps from the general store, went around all the areas (Boston, Frontier, NY and Davenport Homestead) only to release I am missing one chest from central Boston. I have covered every little section of central Boston and it still hasnt appeared on the map. I havnt finished the story mode yet is this something I will get access to later on?

Hope this helped!

I hate pick locking… haha

Thanks for the quick response, however I added up the treasure chests on the Boston sections on this website and it says there are only 12 chests whereas on my collectables in the log book it says there’s 13. Have you got 12 or 13 chests total on your log book?

I’m sorry but I don’t play AC3 :anguished: I was going to buy it today but instead I pre-ordered Black Ops 2. I just felt like helping.

Ah ok thanks anyway

Anybody that plays assassins creed 3 an answer how many chests there are total in your logbook in Boston, would be much appreciated

its in the upstairs of one of the taverns, just south of the border into northen bosten is a fast travel point the building to the right of that is the tavern go inside and the chest will appear on ur mini map it doesnt appear on your world map for sum reason.

Thanks very much this was driving me insane lol