Assassins Creed 3 money modded over 16 million

A little guide to mod your money over 16 million.

  1. Take in note the amount of money you have in game (i.e. 2850 money)
  2. Transfer the ASSASSINSCREED3SAVEGAME1A to your computer.
  3. Open it with Horizon/Modio and extract it to your computer.
  4. Open the save game with an Hex Editor (I used Hex Workshop).
  5. Convert the amount of money into Hex (2850 -> 0B22).
  6. Flip the byte (0B22 will be 220B).
  7. Now search for 220B. You should find one.
  8. Change the bytes to FFFF (FFFF -> 65554 money).
  9. Save, rehash, and resign.
  10. DELETE the ASSASSINSCREED3SAVEGAME1B save game from your hard drive.
  11. Check if it worked, it is possible that your Xbox freezes then you need to get more money.
  12. If it worked go in to your game and get over 66000 of money (i.e. 66258 money). Steal some.
  13. Convert money (66258 -> 0102D2).
  14. Flip 0102D2 to D20102 to D20201 (Place the last two digits in front of it, then flip the fourth with the six). Find it and change it to FFFFFF.
  15. Save, rehash, and resign.
  16. DELETE the ASSASSINSCREED3SAVEGAME1B save game from your hard drive.
  17. Check if it worked.

Here are 2 starter saves over 16 million money. I made 2 saves because you lose your money after you become connor.
The first is 3% (did 1 mission) done because i needed to steal money of people.
The second is after you completed the mission with desmond climing to the rooftop of a building.
Delete save B, Rehash and Resign with your IDs and play

If you want to mod your save its the same method as Revelations

Can i get a link to the save editor you used? Thanks.

Yeah a save editor would be nice.

I’m guessing he used Hex Editing to do this… Am I right on that? :3

yeh i used hex workshop. there isnt any editor yet.

uploaded second save after you lose your money. see saves for more details.

Thanks for the saves! I’m sure some will find this useful.

For the rest of us, however, you should consider writing a brief tutorial/guide on how you went about this! There is a thread already up about hex-editing your money in AC3, but he stated that the maximum you can achieve is slightly over 65,000 pounds.

I’m positive you would get much more feedback if you conjured up a quick text file on it; we would be very appreciative!

I wouldn’t mind learning if there’s a step Pinda NL possibly used that I’m missing, but if you’re still needing something close to a guide, there are some people discussing it how to hex edit Assassin’s Creed III here, but I might also recommend the guide at 360Haven as well.

made a guide

Thanks man!
I used this it worked :smiley:
Maybe make a video so people know what to do?

im not so good with videos:D

hey pinda, i got this to work using hex workshop and it unlocked to about 65554 but when I got more then 66000 and i do the hex for the amount i have now which is 68245 it doesn’t find a string. The hex for 68245 is 010a95 so i should be looking for 950a01 if i followed the directions above correct but hex workshop does not find this string…any suggestions?

you lose your money. see saves for more details.

Does anyone have a almost complete save for this game, mine corrupted and didnt have a B save, i was almost complete, BTW can only one person use the save that someone gives, because i downloaded a save from mediafire and put onto memory stick, when i put into xbox it doesnt detect the save? Any ideas

rehash resign with your IDs use modio or horizon.

give me your save i will try.

see saves for more details.

there isnt any editor yet.

Dont understand

I have 37,426 in game, and after I edited my game froze…
how much more do I need?..