Assassins Creed III (xbox360 complex install help)

Hey Guys, I was wondering how I would be able to extract the files from the iso and install the game onto xex menu. Right now when I open up the torrent it shows two folders (one for each disk) and inside of the folders is just a **** load of rar files.


[details=Open Me]



[details=Open Me]


Well, I assume the ISO is the outcome of the rar files.
The ISO can be extracted with exiso.
Then these files can be copied to your drive, where you play your games off.

i use xbox image browser which works great

Yeah but i haven’t extracted them, inside of each rar file is another .iso. would someone be able to team viewer with me or something so I don’t mess up? < 3

You already have the ISO extracted from looking at your first screenshot.


You need to simply load it up in exiso or similar then you can extract the files from the ISO to a new folder, ready for your RGH.

oh ok, i thought you had to extract the rar files to. When I’m putting the files into xex menu would I treat each disk as a separate game or put all the files into one game folder?

EDIT: Figured out how to do it. Thanks the help guys :wink: Thread can be closed.