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Assassin's Creed Odyssey Cheats and Trainer for Uplay


Just out of curiosity, what does “Free Camera + Teleport To Free Camera” cheat do aside from clipping through the environment?

also can there be a cheat for Orichalcum Ore’s? or is that not possible.


If you look above sunbeams like first post tells you all you need to know
And no orichalcum is server side so no not at all
Its the third comment in this thread oct . 1st


Hello, the game has been updated to version 1.10
The trainer needs to be updated, and I will see if there is any cheat which may not work.


It needs to be updated IF something doesn’t work. Else, just ignore the versions not matching.


Okay, it’s just my minor OCD of mine… It concerns me when I see “this trainer, may not work properly” does the version number of trainer effect the game at all?

Thanks for the response.


What I’d do is run the game, inject anyway, test out options. Do any fail? Report. All work? Report :stuck_out_tongue: Unless someone complains something doesn’t work, won’t touch it.


I haven’t tested the freecam teleport (I kinda hate it), but so far as I can tell all other options appear to be working normally (or the same as before, at least, such as teleporting while commanding your ship, which is still laggy as hell and definitely not recommended). Not surprising, since they didn’t seem to be making many changes to the stuff that the code grabs.

Maybe update the version number anyway, for those of us bugged by it? Can’t hurt.


Will do that only if confirmed everything works fine :stuck_out_tongue: As far as the other “bugs” - - they were there to begin with. No trainer out there works any better, if you ask me, for the options you’ve mentioned. Freecam teleport is the best choice for indoors (see temples) and fast transit to world locations; I prefer it to the standard waypoint teleport, which may bug out. Just Tilde (I set it to that) > Shift > W to your spot; then Q and Tilde again. Easy peasy.


I mostly use the waypoint TP because I just like it as a shortcut to get to a dock or an unsync’d viewpoint. I can hoof it past that. :stuck_out_tongue:


1.1.1 works great with 1.0.7 trainer dont need fix


I’ll then just update the blueprint so it shows-up the current version :wink:

EDIT: Done :slight_smile:


@ Sunbeam The add skill points option doesn’t seem to work anymore since the last update. Am I maybe doing something wrong?


It does work. Please read the description in this post:


@SunBeam Seems like when I try to start up ACO it tends to stay it has trouble loading the game with the mods/cheats. My game does trigger Uplay to pop up so I don’t know if that’s something that is messing things up or not.


press play after the game has started.


my game not working it says thet


1.11 update! ALERT!!!


Who are you alerting?
It was said it works


its not working for me


Tryed to hit Play on Wemod and ACO crashed had a wierd blank popup square in the middle of the screen.