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Assassin's Creed Odyssey Cheats and Trainer for Uplay

is that a problem ???

Please dont poke the bear. Lol

Don’t take his comment at face value. Read the thread then you understand why Sunbeam said that.

I was just joking

You don’t joke with the bear, the bear jokes with you!!

Whenever I get passed the Phioebe scene, my character can’t move.


You really have to use the trainer from the beginning, dontcha? Disable everything and let the TUTORIAL happen. Your character freezes because normally, if INVISIBILITY wasn’t enabled (which is what you have on), the HUD would stop game and show the sneak tutorial description. That’s why.

Short version: disable invisibility before the cutscene ends so sneak tutorial event can occur. Yes, I know. Almost everything :stuck_out_tongue:

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lol sunbeam. It’s amazing how you have to worry about Murphy’s law with everything. You wouldn’t think someone who has never played AC odyssey would enable invisibility in the tutorial. Thanks a bunch for making this wemod trainer. Really glad to see it made by you.

If there’s a possibility of making a mod that increases horse speed movement (or removes the “speed limit” in/near towns, I would greatly appreciate it. Its already in the CT for AC odyssey on the fearless forums, but I hate having to open cheat engine just to use the horse speed reduction removal mod since I don’t use the CT for anything else, and use your wemod trainer for everything else.


Btw, is there a way to donate to you?

Anyone having issues having DLC - Legacy of the First Blade activating? Having finished the mainline story, reached level of 70 (using the trainer) I cant get the DLC to activate, it shows as installed, but the quest is nowhere to be seen…just wondering

Never mind, turns out I bought the season pass from Ubisoft but the game from Steam… :persevere::confused: Thought the XP/leveling bit of training may confuse the trigger of the quest, but not the case.

Not cool, man. Asking for a feature, then dropping a “hey, where can I donate?” :smiley: Supposedly I send you some PayPal link now, what would you say? :smiley:

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I’ll give you nothing now and when you made the option I still will give you nothing. I just want your paypal

Having trouble with the “Add Ability Points” cheat. It’s very hit and miss. Most of the time it just flat out doesn’t work. Then sometimes it does. Rarely. I cant figure out what I have to do to make it work consistently

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Hey, I like what you do. You deserve some sort of recognition, whether it be a praise or some quid. Thanks!

Please read post #2 in this topic (item #7). 'nough said.

ty a lot for a great trainer @SunBeam

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Everything works in the update 1.1.1

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I’m currently experiencing an issue where my locations in game world map that I’ve discovered are now undiscovered. This happens when the the game crashes and I have to relaunch WeMod and start ACO. It happened twice where I have to restart ACO through WeMod. When it first crashed I thought it was my squinty eyes seeing things and just went to those locations again. Now that I’ve progressed almost end game, most of the places that I know I’ve discovered already are now “?”. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I’ve tried reloading old save games before the crashes and they do the same thing. The only place that is left intact is the starting Island when you begin your journey. The only theory that I have that could explain said issue is me using world map teleport from the trainer. I use it mainly on NPC, synchronized points, and selected way points on land if I must.

My rig, by today standards, is not top of the line from when I first built it, but it runs ACO on ultra with no issues in FPS. Never had any crash issues until after I started using WeMod. No other windows or applications are ran in the background simultaneously except the trainer and game.

Tech Specs:

6th gen i5 6600k (3.50ghz)
Asus Z170 ZTE
980 TI Classified 6gb (Overclocked)
16gb ram (corsair ddr4)
Windows 10