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Assassin's Creed Odyssey Cheats and Trainer for Uplay

I also found out that Huntress NPC’s attack me now. Before they didn’t when I finished a certain quest line, which is only achieved by selecting and performing a certain action, that made them friendly to me. So I now there’s some kind of glitch or bug that resets certain things ingame when the game crashes.

Have encountered only the first part where I had to unveil some locations again. But that occurred after a game update, not a crash. Some quests were bugged in the past, now they’re fixed. Am guessing it has to do with that and the requisites for those quests. The achievement is still there though, unveiling everything, that is.

First off, awesome trainer Sunbeam.

Something I noticed regarding the Player Damage Multiplier and parrying.
If I have God Mode enabled, and I parry an attack with the Damage Multiplier active and set to a value (“2” in this case), everything works as you would expect.
However, if I have the damage multiplier active, but not God Mode, when I parry, the enemy takes damage as if they just got hit by me.

Is there something I’m missing? I’d love to have the damage multiplier on, but not god mode. If not, it’s still an awesome trainer!

Sorry, don’t have the game installed anymore. There was a reason I wasted some good days to get this trainer to the point where it now works with close to 0 intervention from my part on updates. As for your little hiss, sorry, I’m not interested. The trainer is intended to give you an advantage, not to make it look like you play legit with “just some mild option on”. Furthermore, if you deal damage when blocking, consider removing any “deflect damage” buffs. Cuz those get multiplied as well.

thank you, recently there was a problem when playing suddenly shutting down the game when playing, anyone knows why?
before it was never like this

Wow, OK. Your post helps tremendously. When you tell us what you were doing, what you were using, etc. - - maybe I will investigate. In general… posting general stuff like “trainer doesn’t work” or “it crashes my game” without any details won’t help. And this would be the only time I respond to posts like these; just so you know why you get ignored from now on.

@SunBeam since orichalcum is server sided is it possiple for you to reduce the things you can buy with orichalcum to zero or rise the reward in the quest that give orichalcum

That is server side also.

even the quest ?

does the game have an anti cheat

Asking all these questions and you dont even have the game ?
Just gonna poke the bear. ! Lol

I will buy the game but i am broke now lol

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First off, thanks for the great trainer @SunBeam, it works flawlessly for me. I had never even heard of WeMod before and only found the site by chance while crawling Google for ACOD trainers. After reading all the messages here I decided it was worth it to support the community and paid for a year of membership.

Secondly, as you may have already seen, Ubisoft is releasing the v1.1.2 patch tomorrow with some major new updates. Do you anticipate most of the trainer features continuing to work or should we expect some downtime?

Thanks again.

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There’s your answer

I’ve reinstalled it for the update; just to check if everything is in order. Won’t do anything new in terms of options :slight_smile: Be advised :stuck_out_tongue:

@LuckyString71: Am expecting it to work like it did so far, over 4-5 updates now? :slight_smile:

Hey man :slight_smile: Maybe that’s only with my game but for me I can’t move around anymore after pressing Alt + F. I still get outside my character and back but I can’t move anywhere when the camera-mode is activated. This is with the new update of AC Odyssey. However the basic teleporter (ALT + X) still works.

Edit: The damage multiplier seems not to work anymore either. The unlimited Adrenaline things don’t work properly anymore but they aren’t really broken. Unlimited HP / God mode still works fine.

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if you are wondering, the all so important free cam + teleporter no longer works.

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Thanks for the feedback; will check what’s up tonight. Peace.

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Thanks so much for the trainer SunBeam!
When will it get updated?
Do I have to wait until there is 1500 votes on it? :frowning:

Because the 2nd Episode of Legacy of the First Blade is also releasing January 15th.
And that teleporting is REAL nice to have. Also the Unlimited Adrenaline 'cause it’s fun. :slight_smile: