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Assassin's Creed Odyssey Trainer


You need to have at least one of whatever resource you are trying to modify, so go find an ancient tablet normally in-game then try the cheat.


Hello SunBeam Free Camera + Teleport To Free Camera deletes all my drachmen.


Teleport is no longer working for me, any ideas on how to fix it? or is there an update coming?


If the game is still at 1.0.3 and something doesn’t work, then the problem lies between the chair and monitor. And it’s not the keyboard. Else… if 1.0.4 is out, will update it next week.

@Ginkgo: As said several times already, the engine renders fractions of your world. When you teleport far from your original point, everything is “refreshed”. You will notice that even the loot boxes are reinitialized and you can collect them again. Thanks for the astute observation though.


The resource picker crash’s the wemod app and messes up discord and other app’s


@RenShuu Honestly that has to be an issue on your part, not on the trainer. I understand that you’ve just joined 3 days ago, but don’t go assuming that the trainer is at fault for messing up apps like discord and others which should have no link other than possible hotkeys you’ve set.


Thanks for your response SunBeam, unfortunately I have not noticed this sorry. A beautiful day all of you still and thank you for the good Trainer.


Uninstall WeMod. Reinstall as Administrator. Discord overlay is not our fault; in Origins having it enabled freezes your WASD. I’m not surprised it wouldn’t behave with bugs on Odyssey as well. So try disabling it in Discord as well to test.


When I try to shoot something that is insta-kill the game crashes when I hive this running. Also the game version went up to 1.0.5 I think a dat ago.


It seems it’s just Unlimited ammo that is making me crash


The game has updated. I’m in Tuscany. You’ll have to hold your horses till the update. Me thinks Thursday. So no more “game crashes” posts. Please.


Italy ? Wtf you doing over there ? Can have you look up my relatives !
Dont eat too much sauce !


Most of the trainer options still work since the latest update except infinite ammo and the resource picker. Have a nice time in Tuscany, SunBeam…the weather has got to be better than it is at my house at least :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update SunBeam Looking forward to the update :slight_smile: Have a good time!


Remember Tuscany?


hey there you do know you some of the mods dont work after the new update to the game right can you fix it please


Sunbeam is not home so he is unable to update cheats.


Would be nice if you read through the posts first before asking he’s not around right now he’ll update it when he gets back.


The new update that happened has cause the game to cash no matter what cheat I use. I hope there will be an update to fix this soon.


Hi TDM20, I have just been testing the 1.0.5 uPlay update and it only seems to be Unlimited Arrows that isn’t working. Could you try and use it without this and see if it is working as all the others are still working fine for me?