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Assassin's Creed Odyssey Trainer


Will make it so there won’t be need for trainer updates… that often…


141.3 MB worth of update on my end. I’m assuming this is just the .exe? :slight_smile: Meh… Ubisoft is getting sloppy. And all this for… the Epic Ship? As in a trigger in the BoatVehicleActor processing :slight_smile: Meh x 2…


so the add item mod doesn’t work and the infinite arrow or ammo keeps freezing the game and crashing the game every time. please fix this !!!


Hello, i seen this ubisoft update is kinda busy, but is it going to be like that for every week update ? :S
Thanks for all you do :slight_smile:


Add gold dosent work :(!


It doesnt work because there is no add gold cheat


Hey I just wanted to say thanks! It seems like you don’t get it that often. Your work has been awesome, keep up the great job! :grinning::+1:


Huh- there is indeed a gold cheat

However, cheats don’t appear to be updated for 1.05 yet.


So it was crashing for me. I turned off unlimited ammo and unlimited ship ammo. No crashes. I didn’t bother with gold or materials since I’m already at such a high amount I don’t need them. Stay away from all of those and you should have no issues until he has time to update it.


When are we getting an updated trainer for version 1.0.5? Just asking.


Sunbeam is out of town. There’s a ton of posts about it. Turn off unlimited ammo and it works just fine.


cant believe people still play aco


You guys need to be patient!


Sometime this evening. The update.


Hey I have just installed we mod for Assassin’s creed odyssey and after a few minutes of gameplay the whole game crashes. Also the E.X.P and resource cheat don’t work. Thanks! You guys are awesome!


While reading the whole topic to learn why it crashes: I’m glad you like it! You’re the best!


Please Update Trainer.

Gameversion is Patch 1.05.

Please update Trainer to 1.05.


Hey SunBeam you Legend

Just want to give you the low down

Resource cheat does not work (I have 0 of everything)
game keeps crashing (I have unlimted ammo on)
no Ore??? Why No Ore (My Ore is NOT server side as I have a ‘workaround’)
Heck nothing seems to work please fix ASAP

And may you forever shine your gracious light on our blossoming bosoms

Keep up the light SunBeam


The Game crashes because the Trainer still has the Version 1.03. The Game has 1.05
The Resources can therefore not be updated.

If the Trainer is aligned, then recycle the Resources and simply collect a resource so that the number is also displayed in the Inventory.

That means: You give the Trainer for Wood 1000 / ingame just disassemble a Weapon / Armor, then you have the 1000 Wood ingame!


That isn’t possible. Please upload a video of you editing ore. I looked into it, sunbeam looked into it, and 3 other people that I know looked into it and all came to the same conclusion that it is server side. It is easy to test as well. Disconnect from the internet and you will see it disappears. I haven’t seen a single trainer with it.