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Last bullet.

Try this instead:



I have a little issue with the HOOK XP MULTIPLIER. I’m on the UPLAY version, in 1.05 and I activated the mod but, the XP MULTIPLIER stay at 0. And it worked yesterday. Maybe I missed something ?
Btw, thank you SunBeam for your work :slight_smile:


The Assassin’s Creed Odyssey cheats have been updated!


  • Turns out I had renamed a parameter to hook_xp_multiplier, hence the disconnect in the reported option; fixed now

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


thanks man


You may want to try again once more; pushed another quick update. Damn names!!


I’m having the same problem with the xp modifier as the others. I just tried it again after seeing your post and it still resets to zero.


You have to close WeMod for good first; re-open it, then try again. If you can’t manage to kill the app, reboot.


Ah. It does in fact work. Thank you.


alright. thank though! great work!


will there be an orichalcum cheat?


No, it is server side.


hallo SunBeam and Comunity!
I am new in here and i want to use this trainer for my up to date AC Odyssey (steam game) with 1.0.5 Version with the Free Account but i just get the 1.0.3 Version and the WeMoD App don’t even show me the latest Version Am i wrong that the latest Version is just for the Pro Accounts? i use windows 7 professional and i have no firewall running!

ps: i downloaded and installed the latest Trainer from this topic to a few times! :frowning

in honor and respect to the comunity


Nope do not need pro to use this. All are free !
Reading the comments the trainer is working fine


the 26th version didnt work for me …
now the 28th Version is working \o/ thanks Ptondo

a big thanks to SunBeam for this amazing Work!


Hi any help appreciated,
I have message - ‘this trainer does not support game version’
I have trainer version 3 installed = looks there is a newer version how do I update the trainer - or the game if that’s the problem?



Has it ever crossed your mind to look for answers in someone else’s post in this topic? See if you can find it.


No it hasn’t.
It would be way easier to use the search function and faster as well but his problem is not urgent enough so he asks instead in hope of getting an answer from you.


I’m sorry if I seem stupid but I’m a ‘very’ grey gamer and not very tech savvy.
If you know the answer to my question I would appreciate knowing it.


Hi read he re Assassin's Creed Odyssey Trainer


I got it upgraded, thanks a mill.