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Assassin's Creed Odyssey Trainer


Hey SunBeam any chance of a hack for Helix credits or those Olympus coin. If so that would be amazing!


Plz update to 1.5 so version guard isnt saying outdated oofs




Please Ctrl+F this topic for “orich”. You will be surprised :wink:


There’s no “Olympus Coin” in this game, as far as I know.


What’s the point in using Version Guard if you want to play 1.05? o_O As far as the version goes, just edit 1.05 in the ReadMe.txt OR simply press Yes when asked if you want to inject even though you have 1.03 installed. Ubi shifted from 1.03 to 1.05. So yeah…


free camera + teleport to free camera crashes the game


1.06 is here baby!


Hi there,

some days ago I updated ACO from 1.03 to 1.05 (Uplay), but the wemod app still says “There are no cheats for your version 1.03. Latest supported version: 1.05”.
But 1.05 is the version thats installed on my PC (when I start the game, the titel screen shows 1.05).
I already tried to “locate” the .exe again manually by typing in the correct path again. But for some reason wemod always tells me 1.03 is the version installed.

Any suggestions how to fix it?



Ignore it and just use the newest version of the cheats.


HI, I just bought this game on steam. However when I installed it it says that my version is not supported. Latest supported Version 1.05. Installed: 1.06.

What can I do now ? Is there a way to get the 1.05 exe so it is compatible ?


Are we getting update for this awesome trainer? :3 “Free camera + Teleport to free camera” crashing the game.


Are you expecting an update for this awesome trainer? If yes, don’t reply :smiley:


Updating in a giffy. Looks like I’ve come a long way from patching several spots to just 1 miss now :slight_smile:

And that miss is because Denuvo got his nose in-between the two locations I grab in the function, thus the alignment is broken. Can’t predict that, so tiny updates of the trainer may be required on future updates of the game.

Other than that, I’ve not tested out all the other options. Am expecting them to work. FreeCam does work, I’ve tested it :stuck_out_tongue:



The Assassin’s Creed Odyssey cheats have been updated!


  • Updated to 1.0.6; no other changes.

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


Thanks dude!


free camera +tp to free camera still crashes for me :frowning_face: :


First-up, learn to have some manners, please: specify your platform (no, you thought wrong; with most games there’s one .exe for Steam, one for UPlay; and they get updated separately). Secondly, it doesn’t help me identify your problem if you say “some crap doesn’t work”. I am assuming here you are playing the Steam version. Correct?


yep steam version win10 home i just activate it and it lags then crashes the game


I’m guessing you haven’t tried Unlimited Ship Stamina :slight_smile: Cuz that doesn’t work as well :stuck_out_tongue:


nope i didnt im not much of a ship person haha trying to do all the things on land atm so havent use the ship stuff yet