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Assassin's Creed Origins Cheats and Trainer for Steam


All the trainer is doing is using game’s own functions for object types (arrows and materials), if some arrows/materials aren’t being affected then it just means the game doesn’t consider them to be objects of that type i.e arrows but something separate/unique.

Not sure how i can fix that


Why’s Ghost been removed tho




lol mine cant even find the game even though I installed through steam sigh


Just direct it towards it.


hey there stn is there any way u guys can change the xp more than 1k


Why don’t unlimited health work on boats?


Everything has working great so far except for when I go to the Smith and try to upgrade my weapons it shows them being upgraded but then in my window of weapons they are still at the level they were when I got them? any ideas?


only one I’ve found is smithing improvement, when I go to upgrade it will show that they upgrade but back on the weapons screen everything I upgrade is still at its original level. it seems to be not saving the upgrade made on the weapons and shields.


Seems like a game issue. Maybe the levels need to match?


Hope they bring back ghost mode. :slight_smile:
And soon too. :sob::sob::sob:


xp doesn’t work , would be nice if you could update that and yes I tried going into abilities etc, other than that it’s fine… SCRATCH THAT , it works now lol BUT can u make it more xp pls


Any chance we’ll get a Silica cheat? Or an option to add them? They’re hard to find and it would be a big help!


You really don’t need a cheat for silicia. If you just play the game you find more than enough. They are only used for ancient machines and generally they contain 5-10 near each one.


Game doesn’t consider silica a resource hence why it doesn’t get affected by the trainer (trainers compares if it’s a resource then writes max to it), or maybe it does (seems to have worked for some?). Anyhow, i have no clue how to get silica and would probably require hours of gameplay.


“You don’t really need a cheat for gold. If you just play the game you’ll find more than enough.” Yeah, that’s how that sounds. It takes a long time to find and get silica, it’s not that abundant and it’s hard to come by. The reason people use trainers is because they don’t have hours on hand to play necessarily.


That isn’t my point. The ancient machines room has the required amount to activate it and you should come out with 50 extra or more by the time you finish all of them.


I downloaded the Trainer and none of the cheats will activate. I got the game on Christmas through steam. Can someone please help me figure this out.


Is there a checkmark next to Play?


ACO “add 1k xp” cheat doesnt work :confused:
And i have bought the game on steam it’s not pirated