Assassin's Creed Origins Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Everythings working for me but i was just wondering what the restriction is on the EXP as to why its has to be done 100 at a time?

Fixed the issues they actually were on my end this time

It hasn’t to be, i just set it that way based on the horrible experience i had with South Park Fractured But Whole.

I’ll make it a slider soon plus push more cheats (stealth etc.)

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It’s so odd sometimes Gold cheat crashes sometimes it doesn’t not sure why either. Game also runs like garbage lol.

Thanks and maybe as the others are suggesting if its possible, infinite crafting resources and the like.

game crashes on every cheat i turn on.

For me it’s just gold and arrows :frowning: Game is messed up right now anyway at least for me I have a GTX 1070 and a bit of a older CPU(i7 4770k) can’t stay above 60 on any settings and if I’m in a city its even worse.

Inf Health works. Maybe you need to have some gold & ability points for them to work.

You need at least 1 skill points to use the sp cheat.

Gold crashes the game. Even though I have gold.

Are you guys using steam version? I don’t know why it would crash (there’s no reason to)

I am using steam version yes. I also looked into it I was crashing because I had no gold and had no bow/arrows for the cheat however I now have both and it is still causing crashing.

Will this be able to work with the Uplay version when it’s fixed? Sadly, I bought from CDKeys where it was going for cheaper before release. So I had to get it for Uplay


Yes I am.

I got the gold to work. But, when I try to leave the menu. Game crashed on me. And, I had 1 sp and lost it when I used the cheat for it.

Hey, reckon you can make it so instead of adding 100 XP it’d add 1000, it’s kinda annoying at high levels because you have too hold it down for awhile.
Also, can you try adding Inf. Materials, and One Hit Kill?

Game crashes when I try to use unlimited gold.

hi can you guys fix the crash bug for infinite arrow,xp,gold also infinite ability points works but only once it goes down when you use it and once it hits 0 you cant use the cheat to get more also can you add unlimited crafting material

Also here to report that the game crashes when using infinite arrow and gold.

works here, but, there is any way to add free craft? thanks for this work

This is what I did for the gold.

Get 1 sp and use the gold cheat. Go and use that point to make the game autosave. Back out so that game crashes. Just load the game and continue and you’ll have 9,999,999 gold.

arrow and exp doesn’t work for me either :confused:

Are you going to add more cheats?