Assassin's Creed Revelations - Mod Tool []

Update: Currently im making a AIO modding tool and me a Smallzy has been working on a new AC tool, hopefully it’ll be out soon along with other gamesave/profile editors with it. untill then you’ll have to wait since people are saying this freezes your xbox.

Now there are many topics on hex editing with the new assassin’s creed game so I have made a mod tool for all to use!

Download; Updated:

I have no idea how to build projects so you’ll just have to install it.
Also, I have no idea why it is called ‘Skyrim’, although I am working on a Skyrim tool.

Remember, this is so if you get any errors, misleading of money, bugs etc PM me.

If it does work for you please leave a comment on here.


Thanks for this, I already beat AC Revelations so I don’t need this anymore. But this will help others greatly - thanks for the contribution :smile:

Thanks, and you beat it already? :expressionless:

OT: Anyone used it yet?

Cant install missing components

Shouldn’t of used DotNetBar, then you wouldn’t need to merge the dll. Also you could of used BinaryReader/Writer instead of xPackage.

Thanks, I will fix now and re-upload.

Edit: Try now, then tell me if it works.

I usually mod this game the old-fashioned way but… I’ll give it a shot in once I start my third playthrough.

Just the main story, still have tons to do with multiplayer/my assassins/other side stuff :smile:

Yeah, I used DotNetBar just for a better interface since most people moan about it :confused: .

I didn’t use xPackage / 3.

I used PackageIO … unless it same thing.

Your going to have to publish it on your own computer, not hard to do.

Third playthrough??

OT: Thanks for this tool i’ll be trying it out soon.

Theres so many methods of modding this game but most using Hex Editors.
Much appreciated. :smile:

Is there any limit for this? I’d like to mod it to 16 million or something like that.

I would recommend not going over 6 digits.

I would add a button to it but im really tired right now and might go off.

Mod it to ‘999999’ then if you need anymore re-mod it.

I would update it tomorrow.

Thanks alot! Good night hahaha.

Great! thank you for this, will really help:)

dont work for me?? Nice try though!

Nice, I’ll use this once I get ACR.
Are you planning on adding anymore features? I’ve never seen any mods for any of the ACs other than money mods, but I’d assume it’s possible.

there is your updated pic you wanted.

PackageIO TOS requires people who use it to release there source along with the program.

I would love to see this to see how it all works.