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Assassins creed revelations save editor


Is possible to make an assesins creed revelations for horizon


1st not trying to a di*k but it’s AssAssin’s Creed an 2nd they could but so many people know the hexing routine by now through all the other games since there exactly the same. I’m sure if you post your save someone will do it up for you but you gotta have a few thousand 1st. You could also wait for a tool but there’s never a guarantee one will be made, Hope this helps you out bro.


…Its Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, not the…eh, that you posted


im playing that right now lol


fix your title.


Please use the template when making a suggestion,

Game Title:

Game ID:
(This can be found using the Title ID Finder in Horizon. Tools > Title ID Finder)

Mods Wanted:

Attach two saves extracted from the CON File, if you do not know how to do that just attach two CON files.

Additional Comments:(If the Game has Gold/Money or something similar, please included how much, make it a lot easier.)

Doing so would give us the specifics on what you actually want. On I side note; In my personal opinion I think it would make a great addition if we were to have a tool for Assassins Creed: Revelations. Good luck on getting your suggestion approved.


I think that they are already developing one, that is just me assuming since when I was looking over my save it wasn’t as complicated as some games like skyrim, I’ll look into it tomorrow.

If I do get round to making a tool (Most likely not) It would be very low quality.


The save editor is in development right now.


Great news,
Do you have any info on the Skyrim one. ;E


Hi, it says they were working on it, but since its been many years, I assume you guys changed your mind? Was hoping to find one. Would putting in a new request help or?


This is for Xbox 360 not PC. If you want a PC trainer you will need to vote for it.