Assassins Creed Revelations - What a bad game

[details=Open Me]I got this game thinking it was going to give lots of answers for Ezio and Altair, I also thought I would be able to play a little as Desmond and me able to learn more about it, and discover what happened to Lucy after Desmond had stabbed her due to being under control of the Apple, however, I thought wrong.

Everyone who has said that MW3 is just a big DLC, then you really don’t want to get this game, it took me no less than 4 hours to complete the main story mode and the side quests to gain the five Maysaf keys to unlock Altair’s library.

The game should of just been apart of Brotherhood, as you don’t get to play as Demond, unless you would class running into a memory field which takes a matter of seconds as playing as him, you learn nothing of his past, and I think it’s clear that Ubisoft can’t bring Assassins Creed games out on a yearly basis, they need more time to develop the games, as this product they’ve produced does not reveal anything and was a complete waste of time and money, taking the game back today and getting skyrim.

So yeah, anyone interested in ‘carrying on the story’ this game doesn’t do that, so don’t bother. Everything is just a rip from brotherhood with a few changes, also the fact that Ezio can zip line across the city like a 16th century batman, that kinda’ ruins the whole prospect of the parkour that was so popular in Assassins Creed.[/details]

It’s supposed to bridge the gap of the previous title. Supposed to answer all these questions. Don’t care so much for reviews. Sometimes just people trying to drive you away from a great game. I Believe this is what the review is doing. Anyways thanks for taking the time to write the review. Still getting it though :stuck_out_tongue:

Believe me, it answers no questions, I’ve loved all the other assassins creed games, but this one just lacks in everything. It doesn’t bridge any gaps, the most exciting thing that happens is walking into Altair’s library to find Altair’s apple of eden which Ezio doesn’t take, he instead speaks to Desmond, then the game ends.

You haven’t liked any new game that has came out recently. You should look into a new hobby.

I’ve liked MW3, Fifa12 & the campaign on BF3. I think you should look into getting your facts straight.

GOW3 was also enjoyable for a while.

Apparently you didn’t pay that close of attention, this game answer pretty much all the questions that I had before I started, even if it left me with more than when I started. It still answered what happened to Lucy, why Altair, Ezio, and Desmond are the main characters so far and it kind of gave me an understanding to the Truth from the 2 and 3rd game. I don’t know what else you want it to answer. It even gives us an insight on where Desmond came from.

Did we play the same game?

The only mention of Lucy is ‘you might get back in time for her funeral’ that’s not really learning what happened to her, did she die from the stab wound, or something else?

How did Desmonds mind become broken?
I’ve known why those three are the main characters since Brotherhood?

I’ve also read the three books, probably why no further answers were given which is disappointing.

I see, get Skyrim. It actually kinda feels like assassins creed in 3rd person. I got ****ing 60 hours in this game. Can’t put it down. Woo 600th post.

Spoiler that **** **** head

except assassins creed is third person…

on topic i quite like this game, switching between it and halo, and i can dive into multiplayer eventually, assassins creed is quite a fun franchise and a change from bf3/cod/halo, i like it.

I have always liked Assassin’s Creed, even though I have yet to play the new one(even though I have had it since release date, homework 24/7…) I expect this game to be just as enjoyable.

Exact same situation as me, except I haven’t bought it yet since I’m too entertained with other games and homework and other stuff. I have liked the first 3 assassin’s creed and I think this one will be excellent also.

I’m not going to ruin anything for anyone, but I do remember a quote from the VERY start of the game that said something like this.

Open Me

Subject 16: Oh you didn’t hear? She died

That isn’t exactly it, but its some what about what it says. But it is pretty ****ing direct

Anyways, S16 said that in order for him to piece his mind back together he needed to enter the Animus Nexus or w/e it was called and find out what his ancestors had left to tell him, thus why he keeps going back and playing as Ezio, meaning that when he touched the apple, he didn’t know what he needed to know, and he broke his mind. I assume that what happens at the end of the game is what he needed to know and if he would have known that before hand, he wouldn’t have frayed his mind.

Being such a fan of the Assassin’s Creed franchise you should know that they never come out and tell you what is happening in the series. They never have.

The sense of mystery, illusion, and uncertainty is what makes it really interesting . To anyone turned off by this review, try it before you buy it. Rent it or something because all the games have a great story.

I agree. This game doesn’t disappoint, but it leaves you with just as many questions that is for sure. I don’t suggest you not play the game, I suggest you don’t play it til about Nov. 2012. Lol. I want to know what happens next NOW.

OH and to the people that haven’t got that, get it. Even if you don’t get that much desmond time. It DOES answer questions and it feels like a classic assassin’s creed with some upgrades! Great game 10/10

the dudewho says you might get back for her funeral actually says dont you remember? and desmond flashes back to the stabbing, and this mind got broken from the thing that happened with the apple taking control of him blah blah blah just pay attention, i dident even finish it yet.

Except you can play Skyrim in Third person also. People really need to know what they are talking about before they make themselves look like a fool.

This ^

I just finished the game and I’m watching the credits as I type this. lol It answered MANY questions, about Desmond, what happened to Altair, and gave the ending to Ezio. Of course, it didn’t answer all the questions, this was just suppose to end Ezio’s story not Desmonds. I personally can’t wait for some DLC or maybe even the next game, to give even more information to us.

The books answers a lot more questions, I guess they spoiled this game for me, as the first book, which is solely about Altair already says everything, such as his son dying, what he does for the 30 year self exile, the secrets he finds from the apple, etc, etc.

Just collected 10 Animus fragments also, so starting the desmond memorys now.

dident they say it was the last one…?