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ASTRONEER Cheats and Trainer for Steam


It’s not possible anymore


Good cheats but can you update the cheats?!?!


Huh? The cheats are up to date


I tested everything when the 0.6.5 and everything worked.


When will the trainer be overhauled? It will not work anymore


it dosn’t work anymore :frowning:


Get steam version both of you.


I have the steam version since the update 0.6.5. it does not work anymore


What is the problem?


is there an possible way to get a trainer for the Microsoft version this because my game that me and my friend have had for a long time now just stopped working and I want to get some stuff back. and no I cant get the steam version because my friend is on xbox


I don’t have the game on winstore sadly


I have a problem where if I’m using unlimited oxygen while wearing oxygen tanks, the tanks would deplete and won’t fill back up. I tried turning the cheat off, but it still wouldn’t fill up. I also tried leaving the game and coming back in, however it caused the tank to be filled with grey material instead of oxygen. Now I’m unable to use the tanks. Why is this happening?


Your oxygen won’t run out so there’s no need for oxygen tanks.

And probably some game mechanic.


Why did you get rid of the ignore crafting requiments? Just wondering, because it was really useful


If you would of read the comments. Its not possible any more the devs of the game changed the structure of the game !!


Can someone explain to me how the unlimited bytes work, i start off at zero and i cant buy any blueprints.
Edit: im on 0.6.8 so it might just need an update


Turn the cheat on and then spend some bytes. It’ll work then.


thanks alot! can you also explain what unlimited tool is?


I would like if the trainer tool lets you change to other versions of the cheat because now there is not a cheat for free crafting materials and I think that was the best cheat.


The other cheats feel offended by your comment. They think they’re the best too :neutral_face: