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ASTRONEER Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Appreciate the good work as always @STN <3


Nothing works for me, I have steam version.


I have the steam version too and it works perfectly fine.


I have the microsoft version and it cant find anything


Because it’s not made for the windows version


please add tpa to dead player and godmode


What do you mean by tpa (although I have an idea) and there is no health bar so there is no way to change things like that. It isn’t hard to deal with those plants and stop digging straight down. You should know that if you’ve played Minecraft. If not, do play it when you can it’s pritty fun.


lol clever… very clever.


When I enable any of the settings except the unlimited energy setting it will automatically slide back for no reason the unlimited energy setting also doesn’t seem to work at all. The rover update is just 2 days old now so it might just be because infinity hasn’t caught up.


I just noticed the same as DJ, I kinda use this to get a world with creative mode since that does not exist in the game yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: It’s the steam version


Yeah, same, luckily I saved one before the cheats went down. Lol


Can you add unlimited resources again plz? also, plz fix de cheats that are currently broken.


Yeah the only one that says it works is the power witch don’t get you anywhere


none of them work any more plz fix


Same nothing works at all


yes I agree please do


The trainer needs an update


It’s not that it needs too, but would be grateful if this trainer could be updated as soon as possible. We are anticipating being able to play the updated game. so please update. thank you for all your hard work on the cheats for all games


Whenever I go to activate my cheats, they always immediately deactivate. The check mark is next to the play button and I’ve researched a couple things like the cheat said to do. At this point I just don’t know if it’s because of a recent update or something else.


Blame the rover update XD