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ASTRONEER Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Ya, the trainer needs to be updated for the current version of astroneer. Fingers crossed it will be sorted
Be epic!!



If STN feels good he might update it if not you’re going to wait a long time


@Odin_Harou Click Play until there is a checkmark.

I closed the thread because i am done with updates for this game, the game requires a new trainer each update and i am done with that (infinity doesn’t revolve around it). There is also VersionGuard which you guys should have enabled.

I opened this thread because it was an issue with infinity, if you guys are just going to report updates, i will have to close it again. Let me repeat again

Please enable VersionGuard! before whatever cheats are working stop working too. This game changes so much each update, i am done making new trainer (not update) every time this game updates.


yes steam version


Hello Today Is 7/7/2018 1:44 Central Time Zone USA, i used your very recent version of the Astroneer trainer and when any of the buttons are activated no resources are registered they just become invisible and take up inventory space and the only way to get rid of them is to kill yourself, the Unlimitted bytes and unlimited resource buttons dont work. When u have any buttons On after the invisible resources that can not be used in anything have taken up space in inventory little red circle items drop and they can not be picked up. plz fix this ASAP thank you<3


Read the comment 2 above your from stn. Thats why they are here !!


I did. But there is 2 cheats that are not functioning at all… Infinite Bytes, Infinite Resources. The glitches i feel could be fixed easily seeing how the author of the trainer made some pretty lit cheats to the game but id appreciate it if this could be fixed soon i like to just chill on astroneer and do wahtever


Ignore mode = ON

Enable versionguard and save whatever cheats are working. Next update will be a long time or probably never.


I cant get unlimited bytes. It keeps turning itself off.

Microsoft store games with Infinity

Infinite Bytes & Infinite Resources both are broken. Steam version, most recent trainer, VersionGuard enabled.


Any word on when the trainer will be updated, been like 2 weeks since the last update to astroneers would be nice to have bytes and resources fixed.


Look like 4 or 5 comments up STD said Like probably never. Should have enabled
VERSION GUARD could still be using the trainer



Mine is turning off when i try to turn them on.
ps only happens on astroneer


I have the same thing but only with resources and bytes. Oxygen and energy works perfectly


I have a problem with infinite resources and bytes that the switch turns itself off immediately after switching it on (oxygen and energy works good)


I need a trainer to Astroneer Version 0.9.2



How can I use the older versions of the games?


You can’t. You had to enable VG before the game updated when the trainer was working