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ASTRONEER Cheats and Trainer for Steam


They changed the game completely so that cheat doesn’t affect the new things they added.


what do you mean exactly?
Are gonna add unlimited bytes though?
Without them, this trainer is pretty useless.


I loved the cheats, but one thing I’m still questioning to myself is- well, I want to ask at least… Is it possible to update it where we can have unlimited bytes, and infinite health? because I’ve gained a little more courage to roam far from my base on foot but the storms send me running back every time… I noticed that there is the concept of health (hitpoints) in astroneer so I think it would be cool if I didn’t have to worry about that constant threat. :smiley: Please and thank you


Should add “Unlimited Bytes” as a cheat.


need an unlimited bytes cheat


is there a windows store version




Could there be a cheat for unlimited bytes and an ignore crafting recipes for extensions to base and machine crafting requirements like the hydrazine catalyzer not needing ammonium?


will u make one don’t reply if no




oof uuuhhh unlimited bytes?


Can you make a Windows Store Version of this mod? :grinning:


can someone make one?


I don’t have the game on windows store so i can’t.


can you update this trainer? a major update just came out and the no requirement crafting doesn’t work… the slider just switches back off when you try to activate it


I have a problem I have them on the Windows store and its said it is invalid. If you could settle her please


Made for steam version.
In order for it to work in win store someone would have to buy the game for stn there


The ASTRONEER cheats have been updated!


  • Unlimited Bytes cheat added

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


why was the ignore crafting requirements removed? could you not figure out how to make it work?


18 posts up above stn said that they changed the game completly and it dont work any more
The ignore crafting cheat

Post 138. Or 139.