Asus Laptop Advice

So I’m looking at an Asus Laptop this one here to be exact.

Theres two local stores which sell different variants.
Both variants have the 1TB HDD in them
One store sells the i7 version with 8gb ram and the other sells the i5 with 4gb ram. Everything else is the same. The i7 with 8gb ram is selling for $1299 (Not on sale yet was on sale a month ago for 1099) here, whilst the i5 with 4gb ram is on sale currently for $933.30 here.

Should i wait for the i7 variant to go on sale for $1099 again or go for the i5?

It’ll mainly be used for movies, general browsing and maybe light games probs not games since i have a gaming pc. One thing i could do is upgrade the ram to 8gb but would that then void warranty since i’d be opening it up to put another stick in or replace the stick in there if it only has 1 slot.

I fixed your link because the site doesn’t like the fact that d icksmith is a legitimate site in Australia. Which I also find pretty funny.

Before I make any suggestions I have to ask something. Do computers in Australia have 1080p screens? I don’t mean that in a condescending way but these computers are well over a grand and they don’t even have a full HD screen. The Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro here is $1200 and has a 3200x1800 screen. On a 13" laptop.
If you are going to be using this for movies please get a full HD screen.

Is this the laptop you are talking about?
One thing i want with a laptop was for it to be an Intel based computer with dedicated graphics. I also like the idea of having a touchscreen but that is optional

I rarely watch movies on laptops or any computer normally i watch them in the lounge room on a 1080p Hisense tv anyway.

One thing about the lanovo laptop I don’t like is the screen. I need a decent size screen laptop

I was only using the Yoga 2 as a comparison for screens. If you don’t care about it too much, then I guess just get the one with the i5.
The i7 isn’t crazy fast anyways.

Personally I’d go with the i7. If you’re going to spend that much money, might as well get the better one.

So i purchased the i5 one. Turns out the lady i spoke to lives behind us and her ferret always gets into our yard and she could bring the price down to $888 for the laptop. I think it was a pretty good deal especially since its normally priced at $1098 not on sale.

I don’t understand Australia at all.

Ahaha what don’t you get travis?

Good decision. I’d have went for the i5 as well. I have an Asus K56CA myself, excellent lappy. However, like Travis said, they do cut corners on the screen resolution. Use the desktop for serious **** haha.