Atheon lvl 30 beat in 17 seconds

The fffck?!? 0_0

Man I hope Xur sells the Gjallarhorn tomorrow…

Damn! I need to play that VOG mission ASAP!! Need to find people who will let me tag along tho. That’s crazy.

Glad I got this from a purple engram the other day

I’m at the Gatekeeper checkpoint on normal if you guys are interested.

If you cant find anybody by 3;00 pm est tomorrow you should hit me up :smile:

yea ghallajorn is awsome I have it almsot upgraded all the way but when its upgraded all the way it does insane damage.
that wasnteven with weapon of light bubble O.O

Wow, the RNGesus is definitely on your side, ever since the update I have been rewarded very little Legendary Engrams and haven’t received many Legendary items!

(disregarding Ascendent Energy & Shards)

Agree, since the update I’ve had very few legendary engrams with even fewer legendaries. Even levelling my cryptarch seems to yield less purples than before, I think I’ve levelled him damn near 15 times and not received a single legendary.

The bounty guy seems to be on my side more, giving me a couple exotic bounties lately lol. Not enjoying RNG but hey, isn’t that what you expect from your typical Mmo.

I understand that this system is better than what we had prior, but I feel as if I was rewarded more Legendary engrams then than I do currently. Ha, I mean majority of the time when I am lucky enough to find myself a Legendary engram it’s decoded into an Ascendent item which I have plenty of thanks to having multiple Hunter characters. (even a few friends of mine feel the same way)

I’m sure there are those in the Destiny Community that would be more than happy with getting Ascendent materials, but when you have enough materials to accommodate yourself and your normal Fireteam, but have nothing to put those materials into for yourself than I’m sure you’d feel the same way as I do.

Also, something that I’ve been dealing with for the past few weeks, is that every time I bring the Cryptarch guy a good amount of engrams he is rewarded me the same items and nothing new. (ex: Gift him three rare Heavy engrams and I get a Hannibal-E, Despot SA/5, and another Hannibal-E. Again, I’m not trying to say that I should get a brand new item every time I turn in some engrams, but if I’m able to take a good amount of engrams, turn them in, and call word-for-word on what I’ll be rewarded than I think we have a problem…or I have some amazingly bad luck, which could ring true!