Atlas Fallen Cheats and Trainer for Steam

The speed eventually reverts to normal, it just takes a while…

FYI. Set experience is set the amount of essense dust. Set tributes is the amount of money/gold. All cheats worked along with infinite health and momentum. Remember to load the game without the mod 1st then load save game or continue until you fully in-game. Then go back to Wemod and click ‘Play’. Honestly all cheats worked for me. Thanks @GreenHouse

Is there any possible ban for using this trainer? i will only play solo and try out the coop mode. Anyone an idea?

this is a truly awesome and inspiring community! I have noticed a consistent bug that causes the game to completely freeze as if paused after using the Game speed modification. The bigger issue is that you will not be able to disable the game speed hack without freezing your game completely.
This creates an issue where you are stuck with turbo game speed. I attempted to deactivate the mod, restart the game and the WM program and every variation of the three. The mod still seems to be stuck in the activated position.
I have also ensured that the Vsync was totally turned off.

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I played through the game completely with it on. Didn’t use the tribute and exp cheat until later on (and used it to buy everything and max out the important stuff that doesn’t require massive material collection). No bans. Of course, I didn’t really set it up for multiplayer either.

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only things missing from this trainer that would complete it perfectly is , infinite jumps and infinite dashes ,along with a perk editor/material editor or multiplier if at all possible , i did use CE to get my perks myself using the byte scan function.

salve,volevo solo direche,a mio parere,un game come questo dovrebbe avere una sfilza esagerata di cheat,e invece ci ritroviamo con pochissime cheat ed alcune inutili per giunta,le piu’ importanti mancano,invisibilita’,kill for one,l’oro ecc ecc,stavolta non sono per niente contento,speriamo faccia qualcosa a riguardo,buon lavoro.

This worked great, but only with vk

ora qualcuno mi deve spiegare come un game come questo non compare neanche nei primi 40 game da aggiornare,scandaloso,e non ditemi che non e’ da aggiornare,meta delle mods non funziona,per non parlare di tutte quelle che mancano,poi Green e’ sparito dalla circolazione,sara’ in ferie,beato lui e noi come degli idioti qua ad aspettare,bravi,ottimo lavoro

Man, I was getting crazy… I accidently activated the game speed perhaps with the numpad hotkeys.

I was testing running/sprinting speed.
Then like you said my gamespeed value was set to: 1
But my game feels ALOT faster wich sucks, cannot slow it down or you get that complete game freeze, when turning it up to 1 again, it works but its still turbo.

Bitte noch “Unendlich Sprung/Schwung” hinzufügen
(andere Trainer haben diesen Cheat dabei)

Unendlich Sprung/Schwung fehlt noch, wäre super ! … (-;
(gibt es bei anderen Trainern)

The Atlas Fallen cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
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Having similar issues, WeMod won’t usually detect the game, actually worked ONCE thou, super wierd. But also no mather what .exe file I use. Tried both DX12 and VK and the others. Tried launching the game first, cheats after, tried the reverse, and all in between. Tried reinstalling and patching, neither worked.
Gonna try with a different downloaded version of the game next…

hello @GreenHouse if you don’t mind can you add feature like no cooldown for skill??