Atomic Heart Cheats and Trainer for Steam

first off, Trainer is awesome, but I have a small request. Any chance at a lockpicking cheat or a cheat to slow down the timer on them?

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Please update the trainer… game crashes after using mods.


game crashes when I shoot

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Same here, crashes after a minute of using the mods.

indeed very much broken for this game. hasn’t been updated in a long time and severely needs it

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Do any if you have the same problems? Polygon 9 ovens dont overheat so camera won’t activate. Polygon 1? when youre neer the machine the door to the truck wont open.

It doesnt work, try using infinite ammo and no reload, try the other things. This game needs a serious update on wemod, please.

The Atomic Heart cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
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So I just tried since the update and unlimited ammo is not working, tried it with the AR, tried using no reload as it was not working and that just crashed my game.
SO unlimited ammo and no reload has a problem.

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the trainer does not work, and I am also trying to bind to the exe file, he does not see the game, And please do so that you can plug in vk play. Thank you for your understanding, I look forward to your help in solving this problem.

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trainer needs updating again, its already stopped working.

So sadly they did an update after you did an update I believe, now the game crashes as soon as I hit play while already in game. tried to duplicate, both times, I get into game, then hit play, no cheats loaded as all off and it crashes.