Audio splitter?

okay, so my dilemma is that i have 1 set of speakers. they can only be plugged into 1 source, either my computer or xbox 360. i rather not have to constantly plug and unplug the speakers when i want to switch over with my monitor so looking for an audio splitter that will let me play audio from both xbox and computer

something similar to this, but from what i read on the reviews, it didn’t work for that

anyone have anything like this that they use and or recommend?

What model 360 do you have? If you have the newest E model the adapter above should work fine. If you have a phat or slim model there are still options to achieve combining both audio signals into 1, but it would require an extra stereo female rca to stereo female 1/8" adapter.

i have a phat. i have this

with this

so i would plug my speaker’s male end into that, or the male end of my speakers into my pc

What tip do your speakers have, male rca or male 1/8th"?

Edit. And what are you using for audio output on your PC, female rca or female 1/8th"?

Double Edit. ****ed that edit reply up real good somehow lol.

the speakers have a male 1/8th and my pc is just a standard female audio jack. like you would plug ipod headphones in or something like that

so what i want to do, is take the male 1/8th tip of my speakers, plug it into a female end, and have that female break into 2 male 1/8th tips to plug into both my pc (female audio jack) and my xbox (female 1/8th that goes to female rca, which connects to the monster vga cable’s male ends)

this way both my xbox and pc can play audio through my speakers at the same time. not that i would need it at the same time, just so i don’t have to constantly switch

You need this:

I’m sure you can already see how it would all connect. Why anyone would say it wouldn’t work is beyond me. I’ve had the same setup before and it worked flawlessly. You can even have audio from your PC and 360 playing at the same time.