Auto-Shop Logo 2011-2012!

hey guys, so for my autos class, this year we are all getting shop shirts, but we need a logo.
something that sort of represents us gear heads.

i was hoping someone on XMB could create a logo for my autoshop shirts, for all the guys to wear.

we really don’t want it to be like a muscle car, or a tuner car. cuz if its a muscle car, the tuner guys would feel left out, vice versa.

so im lookin for just a really cool design that has to do with cars, pinstripes, auto shop, car engine parts? something that everyone will like. the shirts will be black.
the logos colors and design are up to you, so make them look sexy!

REQ:Photoshop (Saved as .PSD)
Text: LTHS Auto Shop
Design will be on back of shirt only (keep that in mind)

I really don’t have a reward. :worried: but, if i have to, i will muster something up, may not be the greatest, but it’s something.

please either pm me, or post here to let me know you atleast attemping.
will be very excited if a bunch of people give it a go! there are some VERY
talented people in gfx on this site, hopefully some will help me out. :thumbsup:

For the back of the shirt. For the front it would be easier to know what you guys do and whats the name of your shop class or something.

on the front we are just gunna have the normal mechanic name badges. not really a badge, but u know what i mean.
and for the logo, we need something made up, not a manufacturer logo, thanks though.

I don’t like all of the stroke.

Maybe clear all of that.