Automatically run the game 3 seconds after showing the "These mods may not work..." dialog

Would be great if the app do that. Sometimes I run the game using the shortcut created by Wemod, but later found out I forgot to press Yes", and it’s kinda annoying.



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Hello and thank you for making a suggestion.

Three seconds is not long enough for people to read the warning. Especially if they are slow readers due to reading difficulties such as Dyslexia, which means WeMod would be discriminating them if we did not give them time to read their error messages. There are also people who need to spend a few seconds to translate the message to their own language.

Your logic is a little flawed too and defeats the whole purpose of a consensual warning message. Would you ask someone if you can have their socks, and then forcibly take their socks off their feet before they have the time to say yes or no?

Slow down and wait for WeMod to fully inject before dismissing it to the background to play the game.

Thanks for your answer. I just want to have an option to ignore that warning in the future for the current version of the game. For example: I’m using the DQ XI S trainer, but I got this warning everytime I play the game, and the last update of this trainer was 2 years ago. I know it work with my version of the game, and I don’t want to see that message again.

But then a button “dont show again” would be a better choice than simply skip the message, right?


That message can also appear if you are using an illegally cracked pirated version of the game, as the trainer is coded to recognise only the legitimate store-bought version. If you have the game illegally, we won’t be making any changes to the trainer to accommodate that illegal activity.

Though saying that, Dragon Quest XI S got a small patch in May 2021, according to the game’s repository on Steam. And the last trainer update for that game here at WeMod was in December 2020. That’s another possible reason why you may be seeing the message about the difference in versions.
However, from what I can tell, the update in 2021 didn’t seem to negatively affect the trainer in any way, so it may not need an update. But I’ll ping @Veloxia, one of WeMod’s testers, to see if we can check that’s the case and perhaps get the message removed if it is.

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I, too, wish to be rid of the “this may not work” dialog. I play some stuff that updates every 2 weeks (Idle Champions) and I don’t need to see that message every time I launch. I use Wemod Pro now but I’m used to doing things in various editors and I fully expect the game to crash sometimes when I poke it with new values. Can I promote this and whatever is needed to stop being asked to review something I’ve already reviewed?